Global Venture Capital Trends 2020

20 Hubs Leading the Venture.

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Understanding where future business opportunities will be born — and where current ones are blossoming — requires a more granular view of industry markets than ever before. Even though the world has already been linked together by the Internet and the global supply chain, it is necessary to segment markets for venture capitalists by city type, based primarily on a set of parameters such as population density, economic development, consumer preference and industrialization.

EqualOcean follows the cities that drive a significant amount of VC investment in a specific industry continuously. For a long time, an array of high-profile cities — like Beijing, California, New York City and Shanghai — have been home to many innovative business models that benefit companies and consumers worldwide. They accounted for the most unicorn births, and most Fortune 500 companies, including various companies in various industries.

The map of innovative centers for 2019 reached well beyond the US and China, however, the growing number of mega-deals happening in Israel, Europe and India highlights the rapid maturation of the investment ecosystems there. The performance of these hubs could have significant effects on the overall industry and the funding market through 2020.

In this report, we zoom in on the 400 startups that are attracting the bulk of VC investments in 20 innovative hubs. Besides this, the report discusses key trends, opportunities and challenges facing the global venture capital market, with a focus on eight industries/fields.

400 startups that are attracting the bulk of VC investments in 20 innovative hubs

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